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So, most people did this right after the upfronts week. I'm just catching up.

tentative tv schedule for 2009/2010

Chuck (2010, right?)
Greek (August 31)
How I Met Your Mother
In Treatment (2010, probably)
The Big Bang Theory
Heroes (if I can ever finish last season *and* believe it's worth it. right now, I don't think so.)

My Boys (2010, I think?)

Being Erica (2010? Not sure.)
Friday Night Lights (hopefully fall, right, Directv?)
Lost (2010)

Burn Notice (June 4)

Psych (August 7)

Brothers & Sisters
In Treatment (2010, probably)

Note #1: Yeah, I realize my list has summer and fall and spring all mixed up, but whatever.
Note #2: Notice the absence of new shows with the exception of Glee. Nothing caught my eye, The Body Politics didn't get picked up (also notice the complete absence of the CW) so let's just wait and see.
Note #3: Mondays and Wednesdays for the win! I don't know which day will make me happier.
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