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16:11 Thank God for Starbucks. #
17:48 Creepy 80-year-old hitting on me and following me around fnac. So creepy. #
20:21 thinking about going to the movies. #
22:35 ...and I'm out. Gonna watch Brazilian movie Romance. I love midnight movies. :) #
23:07 this park close to home has beautiful christmas lights up and today they opened up at night so children could walk around. Just gorgeous. #
01:55 Huge traffic jam at Paulista avenue right now. Unbeliavable. #
02:08 Most handsome guy ever is right across the room. He's never gonna talk to me, but God, he's so pretty! #
02:14 OMG he looked right at me. OMG! Gorgeous eyes. #
02:19 Ewwwww! I just killed a cockroach with a bottle. Kinda makes me want to leave, but I'm not done looking at the cute dude. #
02:22 Creepy old dude #2 hitting on me today. Seriously, do I have a sign or something? #
02:28 Cute guy's almost too cute. I wonder if he's gay... #
02:37 He's leaving. I guess I have no good reason to hang around now. :( #
02:53 I'm home. before I left the waiter broke a dozen beer bottles right by my feet. what a weird night. #
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Spent most of the day proof-reading my dad's company website. Full of gramatical errors, I tell ya.

The other part of the day I spent gathering stuff for my portfolio. It's about time. I should have done it months ago, actually.

And all the while I've been thinking about what exactly I'm doing with my life and I think I came up with a plan for the next six months, which is a little traquilizing. After that I will see if any of it works out. I hope something does.
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I finally finished packing. Well, as much as I can, anyway. I'll still have to relocate a couple of things Monday, since the little suitcase I'm taking to Valencia with me is actually the one that's gonna be my handbag, so... yeah. But my biggest suitcase is not completly full, so I don't think I'm gonna have a problem. Gotta weight them, though. Hope I'm ok.

So today, before packing, I got my tickets to go to Madrid and Valencia, and before I went to the Post Office to send myself some stuff. LOL. Three bottles of diferent alcoholic drinks from here. I didn't really want to put them in my suitcases in case they broke... or, you know, went over weight or something. And, yes, I know it's legal to take them in your suitcase, but I was still a little aprehensive as well, so it's easier just to send them. Just can't let grandma see it. LOL.

Before that I had my oral exam, which was okay. I mean, I think I did fine, but I was looking for some sort of discussion and there was none. I basicaly spent half an hour talking with my teacher and the whole class just sort of watched. Oh well. And before that I had my written exam, which also was good, but not great. But my teacher said I only got silly stuff wrong, and she decided to give me a sobresaliente in my diploma, which is like the best grade they have, so that was nice. :)

So, yeah, that was my day in a backwards order.
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Gah, my internet connection sucks. I can't download anything at all. Bad. Bad, I tell ya.

Went camera shopping with my mom and backpack shopping with my aunt and grandma today. Haven't made decisions on any subject yet. It's hard to ask for advice on backpacks, since I don't even have pictures of them, but how about the camera? Do I have any digital camera experts around? I starting to settle on a Sony W35, but maybe that's mostly out of the lack of options anywhere around this little city. Not that it's a bad camera, but... I don't know. Opinions? Anyone?

Got a Spanish test tomorrow and I haven't even opened the book yet. That's grand, huh?

ETA: Oh, yeah, I also bought a pair of boots! Hee!
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I should not have left home today.

I left home at 5:10 to go to the gym. The roads were packed and the traffic was terrible, so I ended up getting there 20 minutes late for class, but I still went in. So I did about 10 minutes of it and BAM, I fell. on the floor. badly. It hurt my feet, and my knee, though I know it could have been way worse. Anyway, everybody stoped and rushed over to me. One of girls I know, went to get some ice and the instructor "examinated" my foot. It was nothing too serious, so he told me to keep the ice on it and go home afterwards.

It doesn't really hurt, only from time to time and just a little. Nothing to worry about, it just upsets me because, well, I was really on a gym kinda of mood, which I never am, and now I won't be able to go at least until wednesday. Bummer.

Other than that, I finally uploaded the last of my pictures to my online gallery, so now I have no more excuses and I will have to dig into wordpress. Though I've been thinking, and maybe all I need to work on is the stylesheet, and that realisation might make my work much easier.
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I broke a glass door today in my friend's bathroom. You see, Thiago is still sick, and he's complaining he has been stuck at home for five days now, so I said I'd come over and watch a movie with him after I got out of the gym. So I did, but I needed a shower, right? And I hate taking showers at the gym, so I just took my stuff to his place. And then I broke the freaking door. There was little glass pieces EVERYWHERE. But then again it was so beautiful, I almost want to do it again.

Topic #2:
I went to the agency this afternoon to talk about my europe trip. Basicaly they told me they can only assist me if I choose one of their schools. Well, I want to go to Sorbonne, damn it. And they don't work with it. So I can go on my own, or just go to their school. I don't know. I think I still prefer to go to Sorbonne over a languages school. Gotta talk to my dad, see if he's okay with that.
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I've been doing stuff and thinking "first time in the year" all day long, so I might as well just say: first post of the year!

My New Years was better than last year's fiasco, but, really, still not that great. Basicaly, my family spent it in my sick grandpa's home. Pretty depressing, if you ask me. Oh well, next year I'm either gonna be in the USA with my little brother or in Europe alone --- but having way more fun than around here. Hey, maybe a couple of my friends will manage to go to Europe too and we can have a kickass celebration.

The night was not all spent in my grandpa's room, though. He and my grandma live at our family's hotel, and there was a party there, so we did go have dinner in there at about 10pm. We went to my grandpa's at around 11:30 so he wouldn't start the new year alone (he is very sick, he can't really get out of bed, he doesn't talk anymore I think he doesn't even understand portuguese anymore and I'm not sure if he still recognizes us). We tryed to watch the fireworks from his window, but the Hotel covered most of it and we could only see the ones that blew up way up high. We went back to the party at 1am, but we left a half-hour later, because, well, no one was in much of a party mood anymore.

So... firsts of the year:
Food: chocolate (baton)
Drink: Pineapple caipirinha
People I saw in 2007: My mom and my brother
Song: I'm not sure. Something by the band that was playing at the Hotel's party. first song I could recognize, though, was Sampa by Caetano Veloso.
Movie: Goodnight, and good luck.
TV Show: 3rd Rock From The Sun
Friend I talked to: Thaise (she was at the party as well)
Clothes: I was wearing a pretty white-blue-pink dress and golden accessories (Thaise took a picture of us, I'll post if I manage to get it.
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My mom and I went fancy dress shopping today. I tried on so many dresses my skin ended up all red from all the fabric contact on my skin. Yes, I do have very sensitive skin. But I was so happy because every dress was fitting me so well and there are quite a few I could have bought. Usually, if I find something that fits half-nicely, I have to buy it on the spot otherwise it's gone and I end up not finding anything that fits good enough. But not today! Today, everything was fitting very nicely and I could have my pick between *three* dresses that were just perfect for me. And medium sizes were actually fitting me this time around. Yay for losing weight!
I ended up buying the dress I'm gonna wear at my cousin's wedding next week (and possibly my graduation party in a couple of months) and it is beautiful. It fits me like a glove and I feel so good wearing it.

Shallow? Maybe. But it made me happy. :)

I met a girl that looks so much like VM's Parker. And she has that same perky attitude. Hee!

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