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I got to Switzerland today (yesterday, technically). It's so prettyyyyyyy! But it's also so very expensive.

I pratically falling asleep over the keyboard, so I'm just gonna go sleep now. Just wanted to post that little update before I left.
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one I got a 100 in my french exam. Oui! I have no idea how I managed that --- I hated that exam ---, but it did get me all excited about studing french, so that's great.

two I bought a digital camera yesterday. :) It's a Sony W55. Seems pretty good so far. Still gotta buy a memory card, though. So I'll start picture-spams soon enough. lol.

three I'm so sleepy. I have no idea how I'm gonna manage to stay awake through the night.

four Don't ask me how, but mom and I managed to find good warm pijamas in this sunny city of mine, so that's another item out of my list. Yay!

five I'm trying to use my laptop and see if I still need something from my home computer while there's the possibily to tranfer things over. Something I'm missing, though, is a FTP program. Looked around for WS_FTP LE, which is what I used to have, but it seems like people don't use it anymore? What do you guys use nowadays?


Jun. 29th, 2007 09:53 pm
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I bought my plane tickets today! Yay! Well, at least the big ones (meaning the getting to Europe and getting back ones).

So I leave July 18th and I come back on February 4th. And right now it feels good. :)

Plus, my internet is working in full-mode and I've already downloaded both episodes I was missing of Studio 60 in about 2 hours, so all is right with the world today. Heee!
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Oh, God, it's been over a week since my last update. And my last post was a numbered list, so I can't do that again. LOL. I'll just make a week highlights kind of post, I guess.
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Sunday. Today! Finally! Grandma Mary and cousin Jorge came over for lunch. Jorge is thinking about joining me during my two weeks in England and possibily a few weeks in Spain as well. That would be nice. I spent most of the day comparing digital cameras, but I haven't really got a conclusion yet. I mean, I thought I was gonna get something around 7MP, but all online guides say I don't really need more than 5MP. I also thought it would be cheaper to wait to buy it in Europe, but comparing online prices, it seems like it doesn't make that much of a difference anyway, considering Brazilian stores throw in all kinds of extras (memory cards, bateries, recharges, etc) on the deal, and if I buy it now I would be able to play with it before I leave and, more importantly, I would be able to declare it on the imigration, so I wouldn't have to take it out of my quota. *head hurts*

run away

Jun. 14th, 2007 11:44 pm
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#1. I'm having oh-so-many second thoughts on my whole Europe trip thing. I mean, I think it's gonna be amazing, but maybe, just maybe, I should be using that money to do something else, you know? Like the Columbia Publishing course I'm totally in love with. I don't know. Plus, I'm just so sick of all the burocracy. :/

#2. I have a huge to-do list looking right at me at this very moment. *sigh* So much stuff to do.

#3. I'm all caught up with work and that's so great. Can't wait to finish it so I can finally get paid!

#4. So, cellphone providers in Switzerland, France and Spain. Any comments? I need something that doesn't need a big commitment, since I'll only be using each service for a couple of months. And I'd rather have a pre-paid phone (this does exist outside of Brazil, right?) and good deals on international sms. lol. Yeah, because international calls are extremelly expansive, but sms are not so bad --- at least that's what my search seems to point at so far.
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My dad got into the teaching me how to ride a bike thing as well. Which is great, because he's actually strong enough to help me (unlike my mom) but it's also bad, because he's way more pushy than my mom, so he is actually making me work hard until whatever objective he decides I have to accomplish for the day. So today that meant an hour and a half of practice time. Bright side is: I actually made some progress today. Yay, right? I managed to ride a little on my own and not fall flat on the floor, so I think that's good.

So meanwhile, my mom stayed home and worked through our clothes for cold weather so my brother and I can pick what we want to take in our trips. Except that we have almost nothing, and the little stuff that we do have are from when I was, like, 12, so there's not much (read: almost nothing) that feats me or my brother. And that means shopping! LOL. However, shopping in Natal for this kind of clothes is unexistent, so I'll probably have to buy stuff when I get there.
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I never learnt how to ride a bike. Big deal. Apparently, it is to my mom, because she thinks it's her fault. She got this idea on her head that I just have to learn it before my europe trip. So she bought a bike and has taken me to parking lots to try and teach me twice now and you know what? I never learnt this because I always sucked at stuff like this. Gaah. I have a bruised knee and I'm not even close to getting how to do it.
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Things have been fine. I've been trying to figure out logistics of my little trip and stuff. I don't know. My dad might "visit me" in europe at some point, not sure when yet.

So, the TV season is over. Most of the finales where underwhelming, though. Oh well. I'm not in much of a TV discussing mood anyway, so I guess I'll just let it be.

Oh, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and, honestly... I didn't like it. For me, the first one was completly awesome, the second was kinda good, but this third was just okay. Bummer. I was so looking foward to it.

Vanessa da Mata's concert tonight! Woohoo! That's gonna be fun.
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Dad asked me to wait for him tonight to make final decisions on my europe trip, but it's almost 10 and he hasn't got home yet. I guess it's a good thing that my friends cancelled on me already, or I'd be having to cancel right about now.

ETA: Never mind. It's 10:10. Dad just got here.
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Okay, I'm freaking the hell out.
So, basicaly, a couple of days ago I found out I'd get a pretty good discount on the French schools if I started by June 25th, and my mom gave me a big speech about how I don't know what I want to do with my life (and that part is so freaking true) and, and... now I think I'll be travelling next month already. And that's crazy, because I had everything planned for September. And scary, because... I don't know. Must. calm. down.

So, by Monday, I have to come up with my dates and stuff, so I can see how it works out. Gaahhh.
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Dad's birthday! Not very festive, though. We sang him happy birthday at midnight and gave him a couple of gifts and then we all went to sleep. And just a little while ago my grandma and my aunt came over and we had cake. Pretty lame birthday for our family standards, but what can I say? No one has been in much of a party mood around here lately.

And tomorrow the birthday week continues. It's one of my closest cousin's birthday. Let's see how that one goes.

Oh, oh, I got started the process to get an international driver's licence today. Heee! I should get it in a week. That's good news, you guys. :) And it wasn't even as complicated as I thought it would be. It was quite easy, actually. :D
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I broke a glass door today in my friend's bathroom. You see, Thiago is still sick, and he's complaining he has been stuck at home for five days now, so I said I'd come over and watch a movie with him after I got out of the gym. So I did, but I needed a shower, right? And I hate taking showers at the gym, so I just took my stuff to his place. And then I broke the freaking door. There was little glass pieces EVERYWHERE. But then again it was so beautiful, I almost want to do it again.

Topic #2:
I went to the agency this afternoon to talk about my europe trip. Basicaly they told me they can only assist me if I choose one of their schools. Well, I want to go to Sorbonne, damn it. And they don't work with it. So I can go on my own, or just go to their school. I don't know. I think I still prefer to go to Sorbonne over a languages school. Gotta talk to my dad, see if he's okay with that.

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