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I've finally stopped the resistance and registered at twitter. So those of you who do have accounts there, let me know so I can follow you all. I'm also unfloopy over there.

Still sick, but I'm feeling better. Let's see at night. It's always worse at night.

You guys, any one remembers some line from any movie that talks about how terrible "lack of love" is? Preferrably in a funny and/or weird way? I kinda need something like that now.
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I've been trying to get my mac all organized and get all my files on it and all. First big problem I've run into: I can't get the mac to recognize my external HD. I've formatted it to be fat32, but still doesn't work. Any ideas guys? It recognizes my pendrive just fine, though.

Other than that... nothing much. Denise came to São Paulo yesterday and we watched Mamma Mia! We watched the play together in London so we really wanted to watch the movie together as well. :) I love it when she comes around. It feels nice to have a friend who is not a guy.
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Finally got a new little mac to call my own yesterday, and I'm posting from it right now! Still figuring stuff out, but it's definitely shiny and pretty. :)

Brazilian people with Macs --- [livejournal.com profile] morenaclara, I'm looking at you --- how the hell do you get ~ and ^ like, over the letters?


Mom is here in Sao Paulo with me, but she's leaving tonight, so. I miss having someone around.


Have tons of stuff to read but don't feel like it at all. Also got a huge list of books to buy that I also have to read. All theory stuff. Seriously, it sucks.
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My laptop has decided to freak out on me. It has not lost any files, but it's lost all and any kind of configurations to anything at all. From desktop to firefox extentions. It's annoying the hell out of me. And, if I change anything and restart the computer, it goes back to state 0 again. Like if I had just turned it on for the first time or something. Plus, it's so much slower too. I've run antivir and it doesn't catch anything. I have no idea what's wrong, and neither does anyone else I've called. So. annoying. My aunt thinks I'm gonna need to format it. So I'm trying to do a backup of all my files, which I've done, except for music files. And that part is pretty much gonna take me all night, huh? So. freaking. weird.
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(a) I didn't get out of the building today, just because. I'll have to do it tomorrow, though, because I need to go grocery shopping.

(b) And I need to buy some medicine as well.

(c) I gotta learn to cook healthy stuff asap. The food my mom sent me is almost finished. Bummer.

(d) Also need a way to organize the recipes, otherwise I'm never gonna be able to do something twice. Anyone knows of a web-based way? A cook site or something?

(e) So, the whole confrotation I was expecting today didn't happen at all, and I have no idea if that's okay or if it's gonna turn out to be even worse later. Not up to me anyway.

(f) Last but not least... I need advice. My grandma is in the US is she's gonna bring me a new laptop, and I need to decide on what I want. So I'm thinking either a vaio or a mac, though I'm a bit aprehensive because I've never used a mac before and I keep thinking I'm gonna have some sort of problem, like not being able to open a file or something. I'm still leaning towards the vaio, I think. I don't know. So, suggestions anyone?

(g) I NEED new icons. New colorful icons. I really need to apply myself so I can have time for these things. If I keep post-poning everything I'm never gonna be able to do the stuff I want to.
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one I got a 100 in my french exam. Oui! I have no idea how I managed that --- I hated that exam ---, but it did get me all excited about studing french, so that's great.

two I bought a digital camera yesterday. :) It's a Sony W55. Seems pretty good so far. Still gotta buy a memory card, though. So I'll start picture-spams soon enough. lol.

three I'm so sleepy. I have no idea how I'm gonna manage to stay awake through the night.

four Don't ask me how, but mom and I managed to find good warm pijamas in this sunny city of mine, so that's another item out of my list. Yay!

five I'm trying to use my laptop and see if I still need something from my home computer while there's the possibily to tranfer things over. Something I'm missing, though, is a FTP program. Looked around for WS_FTP LE, which is what I used to have, but it seems like people don't use it anymore? What do you guys use nowadays?
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Today's objective: tranfering all my music to my laptop. Currently I have around 20 GB of music and the biggest tranference dispositive I got is a 1GB pendrive, so, yeah, it's not that much fun. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Just for the record, though... I have googled around the process and I gotta say people are making a much bigger fuss about it then they have to. I mean, all I have to do is move the files and then copy the library files overhidding the previous ones and bam! it's done.


Jun. 29th, 2007 09:53 pm
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I bought my plane tickets today! Yay! Well, at least the big ones (meaning the getting to Europe and getting back ones).

So I leave July 18th and I come back on February 4th. And right now it feels good. :)

Plus, my internet is working in full-mode and I've already downloaded both episodes I was missing of Studio 60 in about 2 hours, so all is right with the world today. Heee!
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Gah, my internet connection sucks. I can't download anything at all. Bad. Bad, I tell ya.

Went camera shopping with my mom and backpack shopping with my aunt and grandma today. Haven't made decisions on any subject yet. It's hard to ask for advice on backpacks, since I don't even have pictures of them, but how about the camera? Do I have any digital camera experts around? I starting to settle on a Sony W35, but maybe that's mostly out of the lack of options anywhere around this little city. Not that it's a bad camera, but... I don't know. Opinions? Anyone?

Got a Spanish test tomorrow and I haven't even opened the book yet. That's grand, huh?

ETA: Oh, yeah, I also bought a pair of boots! Hee!
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Oh, God, it's been over a week since my last update. And my last post was a numbered list, so I can't do that again. LOL. I'll just make a week highlights kind of post, I guess.
lj-cut for lengh --- well, it is a week-worth of posts )

Sunday. Today! Finally! Grandma Mary and cousin Jorge came over for lunch. Jorge is thinking about joining me during my two weeks in England and possibily a few weeks in Spain as well. That would be nice. I spent most of the day comparing digital cameras, but I haven't really got a conclusion yet. I mean, I thought I was gonna get something around 7MP, but all online guides say I don't really need more than 5MP. I also thought it would be cheaper to wait to buy it in Europe, but comparing online prices, it seems like it doesn't make that much of a difference anyway, considering Brazilian stores throw in all kinds of extras (memory cards, bateries, recharges, etc) on the deal, and if I buy it now I would be able to play with it before I leave and, more importantly, I would be able to declare it on the imigration, so I wouldn't have to take it out of my quota. *head hurts*
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I should not have left home today.

I left home at 5:10 to go to the gym. The roads were packed and the traffic was terrible, so I ended up getting there 20 minutes late for class, but I still went in. So I did about 10 minutes of it and BAM, I fell. on the floor. badly. It hurt my feet, and my knee, though I know it could have been way worse. Anyway, everybody stoped and rushed over to me. One of girls I know, went to get some ice and the instructor "examinated" my foot. It was nothing too serious, so he told me to keep the ice on it and go home afterwards.

It doesn't really hurt, only from time to time and just a little. Nothing to worry about, it just upsets me because, well, I was really on a gym kinda of mood, which I never am, and now I won't be able to go at least until wednesday. Bummer.

Other than that, I finally uploaded the last of my pictures to my online gallery, so now I have no more excuses and I will have to dig into wordpress. Though I've been thinking, and maybe all I need to work on is the stylesheet, and that realisation might make my work much easier.
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My aunt is going away (for work-related reasons) for the weekend, and she's probably taking my grandma with her, so we celebrated Mothers' Day tonight. It was nice. We got my grandma a computer chair and she loved it, because she's all computer-ed nowadays. Funny thing is that I remember back when we first got her a computer, and she was all like, "what am I supposed to do with that thing?". LOL. Love grandma. She's funny.

That reminds me I still have to figure out a Mothers' Day gift for mom, which is, like, the hardest task ever. I might as well figure two gifts out already, considering her birthday is two weeks after mothers' day anyway. May is the hardest month, guys, hardest month.

I got nothing done today, and I so don't care. WP is kinda hard and I'm a little sick of it even though I barely started. I'll take a break and switch over to installing Coppermine for my gallery for now. And then tomorrow or maybe the day after, I'll come back to WP.

You know what I've been loving lately? The torrents showing up so early and me being able to be one of the first who downloads it, which results in getting the fastest speeds I've ever gotten. I used to get 10 kB/s when I was lucky, nowadayas I'm getting 90 kB/s regularly. It's unbelievable.
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My grandma just got herself an orkut profile. That's just too funny.

Godmother's birthday today. I wish I could have seen her today, but she was busy-busy-busy and did not have time for anybody. It's a bummer, really, 'cause I really do love her. She's like the coolest aunt ever. *love*

Oh well. That gave me the evening to mess around WordPress. I think I got the setting down, tomorrow I'll try to understand the templates so I can actually translate my layout to it. I hope it's not too hard. Actually, I do already think it has got too many features and I really don't need any of that, but I really don't feel like looking for another system and testing it and not liking it and testing yet another one... I'm really not on the mood. So WP will have to do.

I also want to get started on the gallery, because I really do want to upload all of my pictures to it, and that is a lot. Really, I get bored just thinking about it.

Ok, torrents for my monday shows are up. I'm going to bed.
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Portuguese-speakers, I need help. I want a cute little domain name in portuguese for my trip. Actually, to host a site with stuff on my trip. It's gonna have a blog, that I'll hopefully update daily, with pictures when possible, but not exclusively. It's also gonna have a link to a trip photo gallery, where I'll obiviously post all pictures I take (which is gonna be great so my mom doesn't drive me crazy like she did when I was in the USA) and more stuff ). So, yeah, I need a name for that. I'd rather something in portuguese, but I'm open for sugestions in other languages as well.

Also, another question: does anyone here still blogs on a personal site outside of livejournal? If you do, what do you use? I'm considering just creating a community and using something like LJMagPie (or something like that), just for the sake of commodity --- I'll already be logged in here and stuff, so it seems like the easier way --- but maybe there's just this new awesome little blog script I don't know about? You tell me.

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