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40 multi-fandom icons. 17 featuring actress and 23 featuring tv shows screencaps.

3 Alexis Bledel
2 Bethany Joy Lenz
2 Courteney Cox-Arquette
3 Kristen Bell
7 Jennifer Aniston

3 Everwood
2 Friends
3 How I Met Your Mother
3 My So-Called Life
2 Prison Break
10 Veronica Mars
40 icons

secret smile ||| Bethany Joy Lenz  ||| Kristen Bell flying so high ||| Bright & Hannah

and here's another 37 )

Taking is fine. Credit is a must. Nominations are welcome. Comments are love.
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"It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You know what, you can actually see old lobster couples walkin' around their tank, ya know, holding claws"

Lobsters: a Ross & Rachel fanmix )

Download the zip file. Please comment. It's my first fanmix and I want to know what people think of it!

And an extra surprise... cover matching icons )

lyrics matching icons )

26. When we turn away it all becomes so clear 27. goodbye and I choke 28. you stayed behind

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I haven't posted icons in, like... *fails to remember* a long time. Yeah... I've been busy. But I have been making icons on the side, and I was waiting so I could make one big post, but, well, it's the last day of the year and I didn't want to say in my next post something like "some of those icons were from last year". So, yeah...

Anyway, you know the drill. Credit if you're using. Comment if taking, or if you have something (good or bad) to say. :)

pretty little girl ||| 10 things I hate about you hanging out ||| My So-Called Life down the rabbit hole ||| Lost

4 Friends
4 Pleasantville
5 10 Things I Hate About You
7 My So-Called Life
8 How I Met Your Mother
8 Lost
4 miscelaneous (2 Reese Witherspoon + 1 OC + 1 Incredibles)
40 icons )

40? Really? I'm surprised. I thought it was much less.

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Wow! I've made it! This is my final batch of Friends icons for [livejournal.com profile] icons100. It's been fun. I probably could make more, if finding good enough caps wasn't so hard. Why doesn't people cap Friends anyway? We could totally use more caps.

Anyway... credit and comment if taking; comment even if you don't take. I always like to know what you guys think.

So, without further ado... 20 Friends icons.

01. perfect for each other 02. hang in there 03. show
looks like I made it... )

previous batches:
Friends #1: 20/100
Friends #2: 40/100
Friends #3: 60/100
Friends #4: 80/100

Next up... Pleasantville icons. I've been in the Pleasantville mood lately.
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My forth 20-icon batch for [livejournal.com profile] icons100. Now it's only one final batch and I'll have made it! I am running out of ideas, though. Do you have a Friends screencap you would like to see iconed? Just comment with it. If you're taking any icon(s), please comment and let me know. You know what? why don't you comment anyway, and tell me what you like and what you don't like on them?

01. lonely 02. miracle of life 03. love lift us up
what? only two R&R? I must be coming down with the flu or something )
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So... 20 more Friends icons. I've made 40 so far, so I only have 60 more to go. But you know what? It's been fun. Anyway, we have
10 TOW No-one's Ready (my all time favorite)
4 TOW Rachel's Sister/TOW Chandler Can't Cry (Reese goodness!)
6 miscelaneous episodes
Oh, and yeah, commenting is always nice, even if you don't take any. :)

01. I wrote a little song today. It's called GET UP 02. supporting Christmas 03. chemistry
the cushions are the essence of the chair! )
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First batch of the 100 Friends icons I'm making for [livejournal.com profile] icons100.

So, without further ado... 20 Friends icons.

finally all is right kiss me all is wrong

'cause you're there for me too )
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I thought this would have more icons, but... Anyway, 23 icons:
12 Veronica Mars
8 Friends
2 Lost
1 The OC

dreams aren't what they used to be ||| Veronica freedom ||| Sun reason to stay ||| Ross & Rachel

all of them )

EDITED: Just added 2 more Lost icons, so it's a total of 25 icons, and 4 Lost ones.
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25 icons. Actually, it's 17 brand-new icons, and then 8 icons inspired by a very popular Ross&Rachel icon from my last batch, which I'm calling the "Collide Series".

4+1 Friends
4+0 Everwood
3+3 Gilmore Girls
3+1 Lost
3+1 The OC
0+2 Dawson's Creek

08. (shattered) dreams ||| Bright 15. (but I'm falling) in love ||| Seth and Summer 19. Dawson's Creek ||| Dawson and Joey

Read more... )
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I just found out today is Icon Maker Appreciation Day! Yay!
To celebrate, I'll, of course, post icons. I was saving these for a big post over the weekend, but what the hell, right?

This time, we have a little theme going on. It's a love fest! Only couple icons on this entry.

We got a total of 17 icons:
9 Ross&Rachel (Friends)
3 Charlie&Claire (Lost)
2 Ephram&Amy and 1 Bright&Hannah (Everwood)
1 Dawson&Joey (Dawson's Creek)
1 Ben&Andie (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

I've been trying some different styles and stuff, so I'd love to hear some feedback on what you like and what you don't like.

05. back (to you) ||| Ross and Rachel 11. this love (has taken it's toll on me) ||| Charlie and Claire 14. winter wonderland ||| Ephram and Amy

love is more than just a game for two )
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Phoebe Monica

8 icons: 6 Friends, 1 ESOTSM, 1 Lost )
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Okay, everybody who voted on the poll voted on the "go ahead and post the icons" option. So... that's what I'm doing. The newest ones are Eternal Sunshine (they are all from this week) and Lost (mostly from last week). The others were pretty much made sometime during the last couple of months. There are a couple a little older than that, but they never got much love, so... Anyway, let's do it.

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ESOSM | Lost | Friends | GG | OC | etc )

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