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Finally got a new little mac to call my own yesterday, and I'm posting from it right now! Still figuring stuff out, but it's definitely shiny and pretty. :)

Brazilian people with Macs --- [livejournal.com profile] morenaclara, I'm looking at you --- how the hell do you get ~ and ^ like, over the letters?


Mom is here in Sao Paulo with me, but she's leaving tonight, so. I miss having someone around.


Have tons of stuff to read but don't feel like it at all. Also got a huge list of books to buy that I also have to read. All theory stuff. Seriously, it sucks.
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I did it! I finished the project which is due tomorrow with many hours to spare, without losing any nights of sleep and without any freak-outs... well, except for yesterday's, but that was not really about the project, so it doesn't count. And the good news is that, tomorrow, after I drop the papers off, I will be totally and completly free to do anything I want, which, right now, means manual artistic work! I so need it right now. It will help me feel so much better, I just know it.

stupid me

Jul. 22nd, 2008 12:20 am
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Man, man, man! I did absolutely nothing today. That's no good at all. I feel so bad! I know I'm just gonna keep pushing this back and I'm totally gonna drive myself crazy thursday. It's gonna be ugly. Well, at least I finished reading everything I had to for the paper. Tomorrow I have housekeeping, so I have to get out of the house. So I guess I'm gonna end up working the whole afternoon. So that's good, I guess.

I'm sort of watching Dr. Horrible first thing in the morning everyday since the first act came out. It's stupid, but it's fun and gets me awake, so I guess it's not that bad?
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(a) I had 13 Going On 30 in the background this afternoon and I still cryed my eyes out. Can someone explain to me how is that even possible? I wasn't even watching the freaking movie!

(b) I managed to do the storylines that were due tomorrow, so that's good.

(c) Tomorrow I have to get a good start on my paper. I just have to, there are no more excuses. The worst part is that I don't have the slightest interest on it. I want to go out, and see people and maybe even paint a little. Man.

(d) So sad Dr Horrible is over. :(
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Let's see how many meaningless thoughts I've had throughout the day.

(a) Sex and the City reruns entered the Aidan era and, man, I had completly forgotten how much I *loved* him. I want my own personal Aidan so bad right now.

(b) I've watched some post-Emmy nominations interviews and now I think Kristin Chenoweth is the cutest little girl ever. She seems so graceful in every interview I saw.

(c) I have to create 5 sitcom storylines by sunday, except I hate the characters so I can't come up with anything. How great.

(d) My paper won't write itself, and it's due in 5 days. That's just swell as well.

(e) Psych tonight! Woohoo!

(f) Dr Horrible act 3 will be out in a couple of minutes. I don't want it to end. :(
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(i) I was supposed to start writing my paper today, but guess what? I haven't even looked at the file all day long. That's so not a good sign. And I wanted to have it mostly done by saturday. It's so not happening. :/

(ii) Dr. Horrible Act II is out and I stand with the same opinion. This is THE BEST THING EVER.

(iii) So, it had been years since I last played tetris. Now I can't seem to be able to stop. Damn you, orkut.

(iv) Have to go to sleep early today. Can't keep on waking up at the PM everyday.
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Ok, so I actually went to Starbucks and started reading the stuff for the project the really whould have been done by now and I haven't written a word so far. So at least that's a start.


I am so freaking sensitive today. I'm crying every five minutes because of the stupidest stuff, like reading a friend's email or listening to Wicked's Defying Grafity. I would have thought I might be going insane, if I didn't know better.


Dr. Horrible is made of win. And it gave me a great idea which hopefully I'll be able to execute.
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Got home last night. Campos do Jordão was okay. I don't know, the city was pretty and all, but I was mostly hoping to hang out with my friend and she actually got called to start working the exact day I got there, so she was pretty much busy all the time, and I was left alone wandering around. And I didn't really feel like doing turisty stuff alone, so I just... hanged around town. Did a little shopping. Got a dark-grey sweater, two pretty pretty scarfs (one blue and one pink), a bunch of little flowers made of wood and a lot of yummy artesanal chocolate.


In the afternoon I'm gonna enroll myself in a course (especialização, for you, Brazilians) in Cultural Journalism. Let's hope it's good.


Friends' first classic, TOW The Blckout, is on right now. And that's getting me in a huge Friends mood. Now I want to marathon my DVDs. :) I've never done it before. I mean, I have watched every episode more than once, but I've never marathoned the ten seasons watching every episode in order.


Still don't know if I'm going to my home city tomorrow (!). My mom is supposed to decide that today. Meanwhile, I'm not grocery shopping, because if I leave for ten days, I can't leave much food in the fridge anyway... So food is starting to run low.
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I can't seem to find any will power to write the stupid paper I have to write. That's so gonna suck. So what am I gonna do? I'm going to Campos do Jordão tomorrow. And I'm obviously not gonna write a word for the whole weekend. It's not like I would write if I stayed anyway. Well, I'll be back Sunday, hopefully. I probably won't have internet access there, so... I guess I'll see you guys then. :)
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I have to write a 8 page paper on anything we have discussed during last semester but I can't seem to be able to get started because (a) I hated the class and (b) because of that, I have pretty close to no idea what the theacher is actually expecting from us. I hate post-grad school so far, and I'm not even completly in yet. Grrr.

So, I kinda have plans to go to Campos do Jordão this weekend and to my home city next week, but I haven't bought tickets to either. Besides, I feel like I shouldn't really go because of this stupid paper anyway. My mom said I should go, though. She says there's no point in staying in driving myself crazy. I don't know.

By the way... I haven't seen anyone complain, so I might as well just ask: am I the only one who's not getting emails when I get comments?
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Spent my entire day sending my CV all over the net. I'm beat. I think I'm gonna watch a movie now, just for some comic relief.
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The results are out and I'm in! Yay me!

Uh... Okay, the results for USP's special students selection were out today, and I was among the few that got selected to attend classes. Well, I don't really know how to explain it, but I'm happy I'm in. Even if I don't know if I actually *want* to get a masters, at least now I bought myself six months in São Paulo to try and find a job, which is what I wanted in the first place, so, yeah, good.
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] twt and [livejournal.com profile] agent00!!! Hope it was a great one!


So, I'm having an English class in my latest course. But it's just the funniest class I've ever had. The first thing the teacher said when she entered the class for the first time was: "I've been teaching English for over 20 years, but I'm not fluent" (she said it in portuguese, of course). I mean, WTF? Then she went on to teach pretty basic stuff (like the alphabet) and mispronounce everything. I swear, if I keep attending these classes I might end up un-learning whatever I know.
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I spent, like, three months doing pratically nothing, and now I have a lot of work lined up for the next 30 days. Oh joy. Let's list it:
  • Internship Relatory. It's the last thing I have to do and then my internship is done and I just have to wait for my graduation and I'll have my Pychology major. It's already partially done, as we turned in a half-way-through realtory around July/August, so basically, I just have to describe the whole nothing I did for this second semester. Thing is, I want to enter it in this national competion thing, so I have to redo some stuff and I want to write a very good argument about a psychologist's place at a school. And that's probably gonna be a lot of work. This is due in the first second week of December.

  • I have to work out a lot of stuff for my first semester job, including basic stuff like getting a good place, harder stuff like finding a common grounding for the work with the friend that will be working with me, and silly but incredibly important stuff like advertasing the project. All kinds of due dates here, but the advertasing thing needs to be done sometime this week, because the first week we're supposed to be handing out this stuff is the first week of December.

  • And, finally, I just got an email from my boss at the magazine, to let me know I'll be starting the work on the next number this week. He has sent me an article already. Gah. That was supposed to have happened two months ago. I hate how out of schedule this magazine is. If it wasn't such great pay, I would have given up on it. This doesn't have a due date yet. It will depend on when my boss finishes sending me all the articles.

  • All I can say is thank God the TV show is almost done for the year. Only three weeks to go.

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