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(a) I had 13 Going On 30 in the background this afternoon and I still cryed my eyes out. Can someone explain to me how is that even possible? I wasn't even watching the freaking movie!

(b) I managed to do the storylines that were due tomorrow, so that's good.

(c) Tomorrow I have to get a good start on my paper. I just have to, there are no more excuses. The worst part is that I don't have the slightest interest on it. I want to go out, and see people and maybe even paint a little. Man.

(d) So sad Dr Horrible is over. :(
unfloopy: Reese Witherspoon | fly (Finding Neverland | magical)
I watched The Prestige and The Departed tonight and I really like both of them. Seems like this movie season is starting to look good.

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