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1. Supposed to finally get my internet tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. They called me. Maybe next friday. Damn it! That's a incredibly bad costumer service.

2. I looked back at my journal and I'm feeling pretty bad for neglecting it. But it's kinda hard to keep it up without internet. :/ Hopefully I'll go back to my posting-everyday ways after tomorrow. Let's see.

3. Missing TV a lot. Gotta take a look at the schedules to see when my summer shows are back. Only My Boys has started so far. Speaking of which cliffhanger resolution spoilers for who haven't seen last week's premiere )

4. Still haven't been able to get my house completly organized. I'm getting so frustrated. Kinda want my mom.
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I never learnt how to ride a bike. Big deal. Apparently, it is to my mom, because she thinks it's her fault. She got this idea on her head that I just have to learn it before my europe trip. So she bought a bike and has taken me to parking lots to try and teach me twice now and you know what? I never learnt this because I always sucked at stuff like this. Gaah. I have a bruised knee and I'm not even close to getting how to do it.
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My aunt is going away (for work-related reasons) for the weekend, and she's probably taking my grandma with her, so we celebrated Mothers' Day tonight. It was nice. We got my grandma a computer chair and she loved it, because she's all computer-ed nowadays. Funny thing is that I remember back when we first got her a computer, and she was all like, "what am I supposed to do with that thing?". LOL. Love grandma. She's funny.

That reminds me I still have to figure out a Mothers' Day gift for mom, which is, like, the hardest task ever. I might as well figure two gifts out already, considering her birthday is two weeks after mothers' day anyway. May is the hardest month, guys, hardest month.

I got nothing done today, and I so don't care. WP is kinda hard and I'm a little sick of it even though I barely started. I'll take a break and switch over to installing Coppermine for my gallery for now. And then tomorrow or maybe the day after, I'll come back to WP.

You know what I've been loving lately? The torrents showing up so early and me being able to be one of the first who downloads it, which results in getting the fastest speeds I've ever gotten. I used to get 10 kB/s when I was lucky, nowadayas I'm getting 90 kB/s regularly. It's unbelievable.
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Yesterday? Rita Lee concert for free = awesome.


I need to buy a Christmas gift for my mom, but I can't think of anything. I hate shopping for her.

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