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05 Everwood
05 Freaks and Geeks
05 Gilmore Girls
10 Joan of Arcadia
05 Sex and the City
05 Studio 60
05 Veronica Mars
( 40 icons )


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Bright Abbott and Hannah Rogers. The jock with a heart of gold guy and the smart but surprisingly shallow (if she says so herself) girl. My favorite couple from the sadly canceled Everwood --- so unfair! I'm still morning that one. Anyway, I'm cutting this intro before I actually start getting emotional over the cancelation.

Back to the previously scheduled program, let's just celebrate their relationship.

Don't ever say it's unlikely someone will fall in love with you. 'Cause they will, they will. They will see everthing I see in you and more. And, unlike me, they'll actually deserve you )
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40 multi-fandom icons. 17 featuring actress and 23 featuring tv shows screencaps.

3 Alexis Bledel
2 Bethany Joy Lenz
2 Courteney Cox-Arquette
3 Kristen Bell
7 Jennifer Aniston

3 Everwood
2 Friends
3 How I Met Your Mother
3 My So-Called Life
2 Prison Break
10 Veronica Mars
40 icons

secret smile ||| Bethany Joy Lenz  ||| Kristen Bell flying so high ||| Bright & Hannah

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Taking is fine. Credit is a must. Nominations are welcome. Comments are love.
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Here we have icons inspired by a Bright icon from my last icon post (the one I'm posting with). It got such good feedback I decided to make more icons using the same technique. Besides, it helps to examplify the tutorial I'm posting next.

Young TV Stars
4 Everwood
4 Gilmore Girls
4 The OC
4 Veronica Mars

05. Rory | light up the world, smile 10. Ryan | shattered like a dream 13. Veronica | girl from mars

16 icons this way )
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25 icons. Actually, it's 17 brand-new icons, and then 8 icons inspired by a very popular Ross&Rachel icon from my last batch, which I'm calling the "Collide Series".

4+1 Friends
4+0 Everwood
3+3 Gilmore Girls
3+1 Lost
3+1 The OC
0+2 Dawson's Creek

08. (shattered) dreams ||| Bright 15. (but I'm falling) in love ||| Seth and Summer 19. Dawson's Creek ||| Dawson and Joey

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I just found out today is Icon Maker Appreciation Day! Yay!
To celebrate, I'll, of course, post icons. I was saving these for a big post over the weekend, but what the hell, right?

This time, we have a little theme going on. It's a love fest! Only couple icons on this entry.

We got a total of 17 icons:
9 Ross&Rachel (Friends)
3 Charlie&Claire (Lost)
2 Ephram&Amy and 1 Bright&Hannah (Everwood)
1 Dawson&Joey (Dawson's Creek)
1 Ben&Andie (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

I've been trying some different styles and stuff, so I'd love to hear some feedback on what you like and what you don't like.

05. back (to you) ||| Ross and Rachel 11. this love (has taken it's toll on me) ||| Charlie and Claire 14. winter wonderland ||| Ephram and Amy

love is more than just a game for two )

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