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Mondays are not complete without a HIMYM fix. Bummer. Though 90 minutes of In Treatment make up for it. Well, not really, because I'm still missing my laughs, but In Treatment! Back! Awesome! And I really liked sunday's episodes. It's shaping up to be a great season. I'm gonna miss Sophie, though. But I really really liked April.

Still on the topic of shows that are back: Greek! Such a fun guilty pleasure. *And* My Boys! Whoohooo! Though I don't care much for the couple that got together (don't wanna say who so I don't spoil anyone).

And wanna know what I already miss? Being Erica. A lot. When will it be back anyway?

I've watched the final episodes of Eli Stone and while I quite enjoyed them, I don't think I'm gonna miss the show. :/ I couldn't help but squee when Gregory Smith poped in during the last episode, though. Everwood, how I miss thee.
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Bright Abbott and Hannah Rogers. The jock with a heart of gold guy and the smart but surprisingly shallow (if she says so herself) girl. My favorite couple from the sadly canceled Everwood --- so unfair! I'm still morning that one. Anyway, I'm cutting this intro before I actually start getting emotional over the cancelation.

Back to the previously scheduled program, let's just celebrate their relationship.

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