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Nov. 29th, 2008 07:01 pm
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Bought my tickets to go home for the Holidays. I'll get there in the 18th and then I'll come back in January 9. Then I might go to Rio the very next day, because there are some tests I might take in there. Not sure yet though. I don't like those dates, but they were the last cheap direct flights I could find. I'm not up for three layovers, you know?

Went to see Hamlet last night (the one with Wagner Moura, for the Brazilian people) and, well... I'm kinda unimpressed. It was just nothing like I see Hamlet. FYI, my Hamlet is more like Kenneth Branagh's. Whatever.
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Spent most of the day proof-reading my dad's company website. Full of gramatical errors, I tell ya.

The other part of the day I spent gathering stuff for my portfolio. It's about time. I should have done it months ago, actually.

And all the while I've been thinking about what exactly I'm doing with my life and I think I came up with a plan for the next six months, which is a little traquilizing. After that I will see if any of it works out. I hope something does.
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My dad got into the teaching me how to ride a bike thing as well. Which is great, because he's actually strong enough to help me (unlike my mom) but it's also bad, because he's way more pushy than my mom, so he is actually making me work hard until whatever objective he decides I have to accomplish for the day. So today that meant an hour and a half of practice time. Bright side is: I actually made some progress today. Yay, right? I managed to ride a little on my own and not fall flat on the floor, so I think that's good.

So meanwhile, my mom stayed home and worked through our clothes for cold weather so my brother and I can pick what we want to take in our trips. Except that we have almost nothing, and the little stuff that we do have are from when I was, like, 12, so there's not much (read: almost nothing) that feats me or my brother. And that means shopping! LOL. However, shopping in Natal for this kind of clothes is unexistent, so I'll probably have to buy stuff when I get there.
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Dad asked me to wait for him tonight to make final decisions on my europe trip, but it's almost 10 and he hasn't got home yet. I guess it's a good thing that my friends cancelled on me already, or I'd be having to cancel right about now.

ETA: Never mind. It's 10:10. Dad just got here.
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Dad's birthday! Not very festive, though. We sang him happy birthday at midnight and gave him a couple of gifts and then we all went to sleep. And just a little while ago my grandma and my aunt came over and we had cake. Pretty lame birthday for our family standards, but what can I say? No one has been in much of a party mood around here lately.

And tomorrow the birthday week continues. It's one of my closest cousin's birthday. Let's see how that one goes.

Oh, oh, I got started the process to get an international driver's licence today. Heee! I should get it in a week. That's good news, you guys. :) And it wasn't even as complicated as I thought it would be. It was quite easy, actually. :D
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My aunt is going away (for work-related reasons) for the weekend, and she's probably taking my grandma with her, so we celebrated Mothers' Day tonight. It was nice. We got my grandma a computer chair and she loved it, because she's all computer-ed nowadays. Funny thing is that I remember back when we first got her a computer, and she was all like, "what am I supposed to do with that thing?". LOL. Love grandma. She's funny.

That reminds me I still have to figure out a Mothers' Day gift for mom, which is, like, the hardest task ever. I might as well figure two gifts out already, considering her birthday is two weeks after mothers' day anyway. May is the hardest month, guys, hardest month.

I got nothing done today, and I so don't care. WP is kinda hard and I'm a little sick of it even though I barely started. I'll take a break and switch over to installing Coppermine for my gallery for now. And then tomorrow or maybe the day after, I'll come back to WP.

You know what I've been loving lately? The torrents showing up so early and me being able to be one of the first who downloads it, which results in getting the fastest speeds I've ever gotten. I used to get 10 kB/s when I was lucky, nowadayas I'm getting 90 kB/s regularly. It's unbelievable.
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My grandma just got herself an orkut profile. That's just too funny.

Godmother's birthday today. I wish I could have seen her today, but she was busy-busy-busy and did not have time for anybody. It's a bummer, really, 'cause I really do love her. She's like the coolest aunt ever. *love*

Oh well. That gave me the evening to mess around WordPress. I think I got the setting down, tomorrow I'll try to understand the templates so I can actually translate my layout to it. I hope it's not too hard. Actually, I do already think it has got too many features and I really don't need any of that, but I really don't feel like looking for another system and testing it and not liking it and testing yet another one... I'm really not on the mood. So WP will have to do.

I also want to get started on the gallery, because I really do want to upload all of my pictures to it, and that is a lot. Really, I get bored just thinking about it.

Ok, torrents for my monday shows are up. I'm going to bed.

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