Dec. 13th, 2008

unfloopy: Reese Witherspoon | fly (twitter)
16:11 Thank God for Starbucks. #
17:48 Creepy 80-year-old hitting on me and following me around fnac. So creepy. #
20:21 thinking about going to the movies. #
22:35 ...and I'm out. Gonna watch Brazilian movie Romance. I love midnight movies. :) #
23:07 this park close to home has beautiful christmas lights up and today they opened up at night so children could walk around. Just gorgeous. #
01:55 Huge traffic jam at Paulista avenue right now. Unbeliavable. #
02:08 Most handsome guy ever is right across the room. He's never gonna talk to me, but God, he's so pretty! #
02:14 OMG he looked right at me. OMG! Gorgeous eyes. #
02:19 Ewwwww! I just killed a cockroach with a bottle. Kinda makes me want to leave, but I'm not done looking at the cute dude. #
02:22 Creepy old dude #2 hitting on me today. Seriously, do I have a sign or something? #
02:28 Cute guy's almost too cute. I wonder if he's gay... #
02:37 He's leaving. I guess I have no good reason to hang around now. :( #
02:53 I'm home. before I left the waiter broke a dozen beer bottles right by my feet. what a weird night. #

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